Friday, April 30, 2010


Double trouble: Jalopy clip, Please Please Me

The clip below, expertly shot and edited by Jay Irani, captures the very first (and rather rickety) song in the set, "My One And Only Love." Karen is right on target, spreading her mystic charms. The rest of us are taking a freestyle approach to tempo, as if we all just finished reading I'm Okay, You're Okay. Things did get a little tighter in subsequent songs--really. The highlight for me is my panicky look right before my two solo choruses. The routine I had worked out, a simple paraphrase of the melody, had vanished from my brain. I got through it anyway.

Since this other clip is already a worldwide smash over on Facebook, I thought I would add it here as well. I was trying for a solemn, sweet, Mormon Tabernacle Choir effect. There's some poetic justice at work, since the Beatles originally conceived of this song as slow ballad, in the ripe-but-not-rotting manner of Roy Orbison. George Martin told them to speed it up: a smart move. Still, I like this approach as well. Every man his own glee club, is my motto.

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Endişe verici sıklıkta ile, ben bir müzikal performans için hazırlıyorum hangi hayalleri var, sonra ben ne yapıyorum hiçbir fikri ile gerçek etkinlik için sırıtmak. Bu, tabii ki, en duygulu insan zaman zaman var panik, geyik-in-the-farlar rüya sadece bir daha fazla varyasyon olduğunu. Ama çoğu zaman var
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